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Commutator motors – series, shunt, compound wound, permanent magnet

Voltages up to 250V, Speeds up to 25000rpm.

Induction motors– three phase, single phase (permanent capacitor)

The latest induction motors from Groschopp are efficient, compact and robust. They are designed for optimum efficiency and are available as housed or skeleton, fan cooled or non ventilated, and three-phase or single-phase motor.

The special system on the ventilated models ensures an accelerated heat exchange and this together with greater efficiency has enabled Groschopp to reduce all constructions by one unit size. The shape is pleasing on the eye and compact in size.

Voltages up to 500V, Available in 2, 4 or 6 pole speeds.

Other types of motor– hand held, repulsion, brushless DC/servo

Options include brakes, tachos, encoders, thermal cutout, skeleton IP00 to totally enclosed IP65W2 enclosures, plug termination, stainless steel casing.


Worm, spur, worm/spur combination

Worm, spur and worm/spur combination. Ratios up to 150,000:1. Torques up to 60Nm. Foot, spigot and flange mounting. Hollow or solid shaft.

All motors fit readily to the range of gearboxes.

Bespoke/tailor made models are our speciality

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